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I've helped startup founders and innovators launch or grow 100+ products. My superpower is finding the right next question to ask to create focus & potency. I use that to help founders and innovators change the way they think, so they can go to market and find traction quickly — or fail fast trying.

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I’ve packaged my knowledge and experience into content and systems you can use to figure out the traction puzzle yourself.

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Every Monday morning, you’ll get one big idea from me, three curated ideas from others, and one thought-provoking question for you. Find traction for your startup — or fail fast trying.

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Check out my YouTube channel, where I post videos to help you level-up your traction-seeking startup skills.

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Let’s figure out the traction puzzle together through one of my programs designed specifically for first-time founders.

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Startups are really freaking hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. I offer a few kinds of one-on-one sessions to help address the most challenging parts of the startup journey.

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An exclusive program to help motivated founders launch and scale as fast as possible, using a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions & proven design thinking tools.

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My team and I developed a proven process of taking products to market and finding traction. Let’s solve this thing together!

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Let’s get our teams together in a room and use our battle-tested “Traction Sprint” process to find & test the best traction hypothesis for your startup for the moment — in one week, with real customers.