Let’s work together

Those who know me best say my superpower is knowing the right next question to ask. In fact, my penchant for probing questions has earned me the nickname ”the shredder of business models“. I’ve decided it’s a compliment.

Consulting & advising

I founded The Right Box, a bespoke team of design thinkers & instigators who use time-compressed design sprints to help startups and corporate teams find the quickest path to growth & scale.

1:1 Coaching

Startups are really freaking hard, and you shouldn't have to do it alone. I offer a few kinds of one-on-one sessions to help address the most challenging parts of the startup journey.

Talks & workshops

I'm a high-energy, dynamic speaker who gives talks and workshops that challenge the way people think about startups & innovation, to help get products to market faster and scale them sooner.

Startup Community

Community is one of my core values. I volunteer weekly on high-impact programs in Sacramento, online, and around the Unites States. Want to join me at an event?

Coming Soon

The Startup Momentum Program

It's an exclusive program to help founders launch & scale as fast as possible using a combination of weekly coaching & proven design thinking tools.