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I help startup foundersfind traction.

I’m Josh David Miller a.k.a. JDM — a Sacramento-based instigator who accelerates the process of bringing valuable products to market.

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Innovation and creativity aren't about thinking outside the box, but about finding the right box in which to think.

Josh David Miller (aka JDM)

Who am I?

I'm kinda boring, honestly.

My name is JDM — aka Josh David Miller — and I’m an instigator on something of a quixotic quest to fix entrepreneurship by challenging how we think about our craft. Those who know me best describe my superpower as finding the right next question to ask to create focus, clarity, and potency.

I’m an entrepreneur and startup adviser who has used my unabashedly nerdy obsession with the metacognition of entrepreneurship & innovation to help nearly one hundred startups and corporate innovators launch or scale products. I also use what I’ve learned along the way to create videos on YouTube, host the Inside the Box podcast, and host the Startup Shop Talk live show.

In 2022, I founded The Right Box, a bespoke team of entrepreneurs, design thinkers, and instigators of change to collaborate with teams to unlock growth and scale through innovative decision-making.

I also volunteer more time than I’d care to count as a startup ecosystem builder in Sacramento and help organize 1 Million Cups Sacramento, a weekly founder meetup.

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